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Stand Out from the Crowd—Use Humor in Your Business Marketing!

BusinessBusiness is serious business. Yes, four years of college and that’s the gem I come up with. Look, as lame as it is, it’s the truth. Corporate management and business owners are so busy being serious about their businesses that they can’t think humorously.

It’s not that they shut humor out. They just don’t allow themselves the freedom to let it in. How can there be room for humor when there’s so much at stake? After all, what could possibly be humorous about, say, life insurance? Don’t get me started.

chickenmovieHumor can be scary.  When it’s added to your marketing mix, something very frightening happens—the company transforms. Suddenly, it becomes different. Unique. An out-of-the-box thinker. The branding might even become (yikes!) fun!

Gee, how awful.

HaHaPeople start to see and hear something other than the white noise of your competitors, which they’ve become totally immune to. What they now see and hear is something new. They hear YOU. YOUR business. And you’ve been there all the time.  Hmm…

Of course, not all businesses are humor-appropriate. Funeral homes, while potentially rife with dark humor, are not going to use a slogan like “Don’t take the bus. Take your last ride with us!”  That would be wrong (depending on your market, of course).

But used appropriately and judiciously, humor is a great tool for setting yourself apart, standing out from the crowd. I know, I know. You just can’t see yourself using humor for your business. Yet without it, your audience may not see your business, either.

To be continued…

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