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Happy New Year!

To all my Jewish friends out there, I wish you a healthy, prosperous and abundant very Happy 5775! You know what the new year means, don’t you? It means that pretty soon all the new 5775 cars are coming out! Whooo-eee!



I’m Back

That line belongs to me!

Okay, you didn’t know I was here in the first place let alone that I left and returned.  Hey, I barely noticed it myself.  Well, one of us did and one of us didn’t.  Bear with us.  I’m a Gemini (luckily, my shrink found out too late to charge me double).    

This blog is about fun.  Yeah, I’ll throw in some good information, opinion and all that, but I promise to never be deep or too serious.  You can get that anywhere.  Just not here.

So climb in, lower the metal bar across your lap, and hope the guy behind you didn’t just have pizza and a milkshake…



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